Drupal Training in Los Angeles

With Drupal, you can build a website which allows for easy content updates, incorporates features from a vast array of community-developed add-ons, and is sufficiently scalable to accommodate the needs of the large organization. Our Drupal Fundamentals training in Los Angeles will prepare you to harness Drupal's powerful capabilities to build a Drupal site with interactive forums and online polls, manage an ongoing flow of new site content, and use the extensive set of Drupal themes to give your site the right look and feel.

  • Build and launch your Drupal site quickly ... minimal technical expertise required!
  • Manage a continuous flow of site content, from drafts to archives.
  • Understand how Drupal organizes content in order to manage the site more effectively.
  • Control how each block, panel and node will display in a Drupal site, with a few key techniques.
  • Incorporate community-contributed modules and blocks into your site, for enhanced functionality.
  • Master the precepts of Drupal taxonomy design to build a highly-usable and easily searchable site.
  • Equip your site with interactivity, such as blogs, forums and polls.
  • Moderate user comments and posts effectively with Drupal's powerful community management controls.
  • Match the look and feel of your site to your overall brand with Drupal themes.
  • Handle website administration—data backups, comment moderation, and user account requests—with a minimum of effort.
  • and many more topics... See full outline for Drupal Fundamentals.

Drupal Training Reviews:

Rated 4.8/5 based on 3 student reviews.

"The class progressed perfectly. Easy to keep up with [the instructor]. Covered all topics and addressed other topics as needed."
- , Drupal Training

"Very informative and hands on. Plenty to learn and teacher moves with the class instead of stuck with the book. Very dynamic."
- , Valence Technology, Inc.

* Note: This class description is for Drupal Fundamentals training in Los Angeles. We also offer Drupal Fundamentals training in San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Jose.