A+ Certification Prep Training in Sacramento

This A+ certification prep training in Sacramento readies students to successfully take CompTIA A+ Certification exams 220-801 and 220-802 with the objective of becoming a CompTIA A+ Certified Professional. You will acquire the essential skills necessary to install, optimize, configure, repair, troublshoot and take preventative measures on basic personal computer hardware and operating systems. In this hands-on training, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of network setup/security, hardware components, mobiles devices, printers and peripherals. Topics covered include:

  • Learn about the components and interfaces, and understand how each storage device connects to one another
  • Utilize the control panel, command line tools, and security settings of the Windows OS to customize user preferences
  • Maintain the health and safety of an operating system by learning about the basic maintenance tools and techniques
  • Connect and configure display, input, expansion, and multimedia devices to create an optimized system environment
  • Examine the internal components of a computer system, such as the motherboard, cooling system, RAM, and BIOS
  • Install the Microsoft Windows and keep it current with system upgrades and preventative maintenance
  • Learn about standard clients and how to modify their settings to generate a more personalized environment
  • Become acquainted with physical network connections, ports, protocols, and networking configuration tools
  • Create SOHO networks designed for small businesses and setup network security
  • Learn how to install and configure the basic hardware components of a laptop
  • Configure various mobile device technologies used in today's computing world
  • Install, configure, and maintain printers
  • Protect your operating system with up-to-date security technologies and take preventative measures against breaches
  • Troubleshoot problems with display devices, hard drives, RAID arrays, laptops, and printers
  • Address security issues that affect the operating system and wired/wireless networks
  • And much more... see the full outline for A+ Certification Prep Training

A+ Certification Prep Training Reviews:

Rated 4.9/5 based on 4 student reviews.

"Excellent class! Very informative and useable. [The instructor] has awesome knowledge and exceptional ability to teach. I learned so much. He goes the extra mile to teach his students. Very pleased!"
- , Bureau of Reclamation

"Absolutely a great class. I learned a lot about computers."
- , A+ Hardware Certification Training