Access Training:
in Sacramento or Online

Few software applications offer the power and flexibility of Microsoft Access to track, organize and analyze data of almost any type. As a result, this Microsoft Access training provides you with the information and practical experience to apply this robust technology to any business problem.


Access Fundamentals

In our beginning Access class, you will learn essential skills such as navigating the interface, entering data, creating forms, executing queries, and laying out reports. Topics include:

  • Design an Access database which is best suited to your business needs.
  • Confidently navigate Microsoft Office's "Ribbon" interface and help menus.
  • Harness existing templates to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.
  • Implement logical naming conventions to make your database "tables" and "fields" easier for others to use.
  • Add captions to provide extra information useful for data entry.
  • Create validation rules and input masks for searchable and accurate records.
  • Employ "wildcards" to generate meaningful results on even the most difficult searches.
  • Use the Query Wizard to retrieve and display a set of database records based on any number of criteria.
  • Perform global updates and calculations on multiple database records simultaneously.
  • Build custom reports which powerfully communicate the data and support business decision making.
  • and many more topics... See full outline for Access Fundamentals training.
Price:  $695 for 12 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.
Online Live Training:
        Oct 31           9am - 4pm  day - register


Access Intermediate

Building on the concepts learned in the Fundamentals course, the Intermediate class covers the next most important features you'll need. Topics include:

  • Database Relationships
  • Working With Tables
  • Working With Queries
  • Working With Forms
  • Working With Reports
  • and much more! See full outline for Access Intermediate training
Price:  $695 for 12 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.

MS Access Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.8/5 based on 145 student reviews.

Very good, thorough, interesting, informative, and helpful.
- Aladrian Elmore, Caltrans, Sacramento

Good experience. Learn new things.
- Amrit Sidhu, Belami Inc.

This training was great. The instructor made the class both fun and interesting. There is a lot of information presented.
- April Scholzen, Department of Water Resources, Red Bluff

I was very impressed with the course. In the past, our reps have been sent to seminars for training which has no 1 on 1 time and no hands on training. This was such a relief to come to a REAL class and take knowledge and newfound skills back to my job!
- Brandon Rhodes, Gymboree, Dixon

He was very thorough and helped make memorization easy.
- Brian Goldberg, POS Portal, Natomas

Lots of information. I have never used Access, so it was a little scary at first, but now at least I know what it's about.
- Candy Santos

Good class, knew nothing about Access. Very good program. AcademyX does a great job.
- Chase Lovingier

I learned more than I thought I would and the instruction was excellent.
- Chris, LSCE, Woodland

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