CSS Training in Sacramento

Any developer who has worked with multi-page websites appreciates the amount of time it takes to design and maintain a site. If you use HTML to construct your site, you might find that changes and redesigns involve hours of searching, replacing, copying, and pasting. Wouldn't it be easier if you could control the presentation of the entire site in one fell swoop? Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) dramatically simplifies day-to-day site administration and design by isolating presentation control from content. A single change to a global stylesheet can update the entire website's appearance. Adopting CSS makes for ready redesigns and effortless site management.

With hands-on exercises, this CSS training in Sacramento brings you up to speed on the many CSS techniques used to achieve all kinds of web designs. In this class, you will gain the skills needed to:

  • Construct a CSS-friendly HTML structure
  • Enact both singular and global stylesheets
  • Establish the web site's color palette
  • Determine the font types and sizes for the various elements on your pages
  • Control the appearance of links before and after they have been clicked
  • Fine-tune the spacing between letters, words, paragraphs and even page sections
  • Appoint a background image for the web page design
  • Avoid common CSS problems
  • Determine when and where text should wrap around images and other boxes on the page
  • Craft a standard web layout with top, middle, and bottom sections
  • Offer an alternative presentation when the page is printed
  • and many more topics... See full outline for CSS training in Sacramento

CSS Training Reviews:

Rated 4.9/5 based on 13 student reviews.

Great, it was very helpful to what I need to do in my every day job functions.
- , Intel Corporation, Folsom

This was an excellent training experience! The course instruction was easy to follow and understand. The instructor is a very knowledgeable, patient, and articulate teacher.
- , CalTrans, Sacramento

Excellent! Very helpful information. Helped me make sense of why CSS looks the way it does when editing other people's CSS. Very beneficial to start with CSS Fundementals vs CSS Advanced. The class size was terrific!

Very thorough intro to CSS with a knowledgeable instructor!

Very informative and good teacher
- , Williams-Sonoma, Rocklin

I was very impressed with the instructor's teaching style. He took time to make sure each of us achieved the results expected. I was able to gain a tremendous understanding and appreciation of CSS and the instructor instilled confidence.
- , CalPERS

Thank you, everything was very good.
- , WIA

Very good. I really like the fact that we were able to cover material that wasn't covered in the class with the extra time on the last day.

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* Note: This class description is for CSS Fundamentals training in Sacramento. We also offer CSS training in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.