FileMaker Advanced Class in Sacramento

This advanced course is the highest level of AcademyX FileMaker training and it covers chapters 8-12 of the Filemaker Pro 12 Manual. The main goal of this section of the courseware is to get you thinking about database management like a developer, even if you're not a programming savant. By using the software to perform quick, faster, more automated tasks, you'll take the stress out of complicated and tiresome manual labor. Give those fingers a break and let scripts, functions and calculations do the heavy lifting.

Like all AcademyX classes, FileMaker advanced is taught in a hands-on, live instructor environment. Our expert trainers can handle unique problems and questions that you're running into with the software. We can also do custom training on-site and help you work directly with your own database.

  • Mastering calculations (auto-entering, dialog boxes, data validations)
  • Understanding, running and organizing scripts
  • Reviewing script steps, working with records
  • Applying developer utilities and custom functions
  • Advanced relationship techniques, table occurrences and portal filtering
  • Reporting, analysis, conditional formatting, basic charting and reports
  • Boolean functions, storage options and logical functions
  • Advanced scriptions, modular scripts, script parameters and variables
  • and much, much more! See the full outline for Filemaker Advanced training

* Note: This class description is for Filemaker Advanced training in Sacramento.