HTML5 and CSS3 New Features Training - Sacramento

Power up your existing web design knowledge in HTML and CSS with the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3. This class will show you how to push the limits of current Internet technologies using HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 removes the need for third-party plugins like Adobe Flash for embedding media onto webpages. The language's syntax has been simplified, and new structural tags like 'section' and 'nav' allow for code that is more legible and accessible. Now forms include built-in validation and an auto-suggestion attribute for integrating more seamlessly with browser autocomplete features. Building forms has never been simpler, and filling them out is easier for the user too! CSS3 also has several new properties and selectors. Effects like rounded-corners and drop-shadows are very easy to implement. In fact, gradients, rounded corners, and drop shadows all have their own dedicated properties. Transitions (animations) and translations (rotation, scale, etc) also have their own properties, no JavaScript required! You'll even learn how to write code compatible with browsers that don't currently support these technologies. Staying up-to-date with the newest web technologies is essential in a fast-changing internet world. This class will provide a jump-start and put you ahead of the others. This HTML5 and CSS3 training in Sacramento will enable you to:

  • Employ HTML5's powerful new capabilities and understand how the major web browsers treat HTML5 tags differently.
  • Take advantage of new structural elements to increase your site's accessibility without sacrificing usability in older browsers.
  • Define machine-readable times and dates using the new time element.
  • Recognize which elements have been changed or replaced, and how to use their replacements.
  • Create professional self-validating forms quickly by using the new set of form field controls.
  • Use the simple audio and video tags to embed media without the use of third-party applications or plugins.
  • Integrate SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files directly into your pages. These files can be coded by hand, or imported from a vector based application like Adobe Illustrator.
  • Make use of rounded corners and drop shadows in your page elements without using JavaScript.
  • Use advanced color techniques including transparency with RGBA, and blend colors together using the new gradient effect.
  • Use CSS transitions to animate various elements and effects using no JavaScript.
  • Target exactly the right elements using the new advanced CSS selectors.
  • Make use of many new features without letting it affect usability in older browsers.
  • Utilize the new @font-face rule to employ the font of your choice in your next website. Now web designers can embed the fonts they want to use rather than choose from a few.
  • and so much more! Look over the full outline for a breakdown of this HTML5 and CSS3 training.

HTML5 and CSS3 Training Reviews:

Rated 4.9/5 based on 35 student reviews.

Instructor and staff were very accommodating to my personal goals and focus.
- , Delta Dental, Sacramento

The training was very informative and interesting. I liked the hands on labs and having a teacher that was very knowledgeable.
- , Members 1st Credit Union, Redding

Excellent presentation, well explained information, small personal setting and interaction.
- , Sac State CCE

I really enjoyed this class. The instructor certainly knows his stuff! I feel much more equipped to tackle upcoming web projects with some newly-found HTML5/CSS3 tools in my toolkit!
- , CSUS College of Continuing Education

Very good! I like how the instructor tuned into my weak points and had amazing tools to help me overcome them.
- , State of Nevada, Carson City

Very informative and well taught. The instructor is very knowlegeable and very patient.
- , Dept. of Rehab.

The training was very informative and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable.
- , California State University Sacramento

Awesome! I enjoyed the flexibility that the instructor gave to our varying levels of knowledge but still kept us engaged.
- , Delta Dental, Rancho Cordova

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* Note: This class description is for HTML5 and CSS3 training in Sacramento. We also offer HTML5 and CSS3 training in San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.