HTML5 and JavaScript Integration Training - Sacramento

Get the most out of your existing JavaScript skills by learning how to manipulate the new elements of HTML5. HTML5 represents an evolutionary leap over its 1990s predecessor: HTML4. The scope of HTML5 includes a variety of Internet technologies and techniques—such as JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, Scalable Vector Graphics and various video formats—which have long been treated as separate aspects of web development. HTML5 allows the developer to incorporate video and short, interactive programs directly into a single HTML document, freeing themselves from the need to rely on proprietary applications, like Adobe Flash, to deliver a rich, interactive experience. AcademyX's HTML5 training in Sacramento will prepare you to create web content using HTML5, weaving images, audio, video and interactivity directly into the webpage itself. Once you have completed this training, you will be equipped to:

  • Understand the current state of HTML5 adoption and the ability of each browser to handle HTML5 content.
  • Master techniques to implement HTML5 features... even those which the browsers don't support.
  • Understand how HTML5 features function on mobile devices, including Android phones, the iPhone and the iPad.
  • Provide location-specific information and services with the HTML5 Geolocation API.
  • Enable web application users to continue working offline, edit and format content and intuitively "drag and drop" objects displayed on screen.
  • Create a "drawable" region of the webpage using the canvas tag.
  • Capture image data from videos within HTML5's new <video> tag, and perform pixel-level manipulation on web page images.
  • Gain experience creating Scalable Vector Graphics, and learn when it is more efficient than using the HTML's new canvas tags.
  • Design Rich Internet Applications (RIA) which continue to operate with or without connectivity.
  • Provide real-time data to the user without frequent page refreshes using Web Sockets and Server-Sent events.
  • Perform complex tasks without interrupting the user's activity on the site using HTML5 Web Workers.
  • and many more topics! See full outline for HTML5 and JavaScript training.

HTML5 and JavaScript Training Reviews:

Rated 4.8/5 based on 22 student reviews.

"[The instructor] was knowledgeable and conversational, easy to talk to and ask questions."
- , Sequoia Equities

"I thought the training was incredibly in-depth, far more than I was anticipating for understanding HTML5. It wasn't just a cookie cutter approach to the feature set, it was a chance to look under the hood and understand better how mechanics of technologies work together. It definitely allows you to walk away with strong code examples and a strong understanding of the fundamentals."
- , Thornton Tomasetti

"Great experience!"
- , Comcast

* Note: This class description is for HTML5 training in Sacramento. We also offer HTML5 training in San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.