HTML / CSS Training in Sacramento

A web page is constructed from multiple parts and pieces, including content, images, and design information, and underlying these various components is an infrastructure comprised entirely of HTML/CSS. Learning HTML/CSS enables you to create rich websites that users repeatedly visit. In our HTML/CSS training in Sacramento, you will learn to:

  • Describe the role of HTML and CSS in relation to the various web technologies
  • Customize your workstation with the necessary tools to build a web site
  • Open a blank text document and convert it into a web page using HTML
  • Designate paragraphs, headings and other page elements
  • Format page text with size changes, italics, and bold
  • Validate that your code is standards compliant
  • Draw a line between sections
  • Add special symbols not available on the keyboard
  • Craft and apply style to either a bulleted or numbered list
  • Tailor your web page colors, alignment and bullets
  • Construct a multi-row and multi-column table
  • Find and modify an image for a website
  • Insert artwork onto your web page
  • Adding design effects to images
  • Make text and images link to other websites
  • Create a navigation bar that links to the pages of your website
  • Setting styles for a single web page or an entire web site
  • Modifying unique items with identifiers and classes
  • Upload your website for others to find
  • and much more! See full outline for HTML/CSS Fundamentals

HTML/CSS Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 75 student reviews.

Great instructor. He explains everything in detail and takes time to answer questions. The class was really great and I learned a lot.
- , Sacramento

Very comprehensive.... I understand a lot more than I did when I first arrived.

Really enjoyed the class. What once seemed to be a foreign languege seems way easier than I thought it would be after such a short amount of time.

This was an excellent class! Instructor was very knowledgeable.
- , VSP, Rancho Cordova

Fantastic instructor. He is extremely knowledgable, professional, and creative in his teaching style. He nails the 3 E's of trianing: educate, enlighten, and entertain.
- , FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics, Davis

Came into this class with no knowledge of HTML and after taking this class I have a new respect for HTML. Also I am excited to get started and apply HTML Fundamentals at work!! Class rocked.
- , Belami Inc.

Great course. The pace was nice and steady. Instructor was a great teacher. He was there for any questions or help we needed.

Makes me want to build my own website.
- , Department of Rehabilitation

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* Note: This class description is for HTML/CSS training in Sacramento. We also offer HTML/CSS training in San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.