HTML Training in Sacramento

A web page is constructed from multiple parts and pieces, including content, images, and design information, and underlying these various components is an infrastructure comprised entirely of HTML. Learning the HTML gives enables you to create rich websites that users repeatedly visit.

With hands-on exercises and class projects customized for you, this HTML training in Sacramento brings you up to speed on the latest, standards-compliant HTML used to create all manner of websites. You will gain the skills needed to:

  • Understand what HTML is and is not, and how it relates to other web languages
  • Find and choose the best tools for your web development workstation
  • Create a web page using a text editor and HTML code
  • Add page elements such as paragraphs and headings
  • Emphasize or de-emphasize text using italics, bold and font sizes
  • Verify that your code is error-free
  • Distinguish between sections using a divider
  • Insert special characters, like a copyright symbol
  • Bullet or number a list of items
  • Set colors for your web page
  • Alter the alignment of text and images on the page
  • Craft a multi-cell table with rows and columns
  • Adjust an image for web page display and add different kinds of images to your website
  • Link to websites and launch email applications with a link
  • Link the pages of your website together
  • Put your website on the Internet
  • and much more... See full outline for HTML training

HTML Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 75 student reviews.

Great instructor. He explains everything in detail and takes time to answer questions. The class was really great and I learned a lot.
- , Sacramento

Very comprehensive.... I understand a lot more than I did when I first arrived.

Really enjoyed the class. What once seemed to be a foreign languege seems way easier than I thought it would be after such a short amount of time.

This was an excellent class! Instructor was very knowledgeable.
- , VSP, Rancho Cordova

Fantastic instructor. He is extremely knowledgable, professional, and creative in his teaching style. He nails the 3 E's of trianing: educate, enlighten, and entertain.
- , FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics, Davis

Came into this class with no knowledge of HTML and after taking this class I have a new respect for HTML. Also I am excited to get started and apply HTML Fundamentals at work!! Class rocked.
- , Belami Inc.

Great course. The pace was nice and steady. Instructor was a great teacher. He was there for any questions or help we needed.

Makes me want to build my own website.
- , Department of Rehabilitation

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* Note: This class description is for HTML training in Sacramento. We also offer HTML training in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.