Android Programming Boot Camp Training - Sacramento

Google's Android operating system is now installed on 1.5 billion smartphones and mobile devices, and is the most widely used platforms for mobile applications. AcademyX's Android Development training in Sacramento will place you in the growing ranks of Android developers whose skills are in high demand. Our instructors bring expertise and industry experience in Java programming and mobile application development, and will provide you with the practical perspective required to begin building, testing and debugging Android apps with proficiency and confidence, right away. As a part of this training, you will learn to:

  • Create powerful applications for the Android-powered mobile devices, with intuitive user interfaces and navigation controls.
  • Harness Android Studio IDE's library of extensible plug-ins to enhance the functionality of Android apps.
  • Use the AppWidget toolkit to write "widgets" which users can drop on their home screen.
  • Code more scalable apps with resources, which externalize content and media from an application's code.
  • Learn to use Android activities and services to support user interactions and background processes.
  • Monitor for system notifications and preference setting changes with broadcast receivers to trigger an appropriate response.
  • Use intents to support communication between application processes and entire applications.
  • Share data among multiple applications using Content Providers and ContentResolvers.
  • Track users' heading and current location for use in map-based Android apps, or in Google Maps.
  • Use SensorManager to respond to an Android device's physical movement, acceleration and rotation.
  • Enable users to take and view digital photographs with a device's camera from an application.
  • Author Android apps which can place calls from the device's phone and access the internal address book.
  • Gain exposure to the range of Android development tools for testing and troubleshooting applications.
  • Learn to publish finished apps on the Android market, from which they can be downloaded or purchased worldwide.
  • and many more topics! See full outline for Android training.

Android Programming Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 9 student reviews.

"Thorough study guide, covering basics. Fun closing project."
- , Travelzoo, Inc.

"Very Good. Interesting topics to learn and the instructor was very good."
- , Practice Fusion

* Note: This class description is for Android development training in Sacramento. We also offer Android training in San Jose, Los Angeles and San Francisco.