PHP Training in Sacramento

PHP is an open source programming language used for generating web applications. PHP is the language behind popular web applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, and SugarCRM. Our PHP training in Sacramento gives you a thorough grounding in the technology: installation, configuration, basic syntax and functions.

After completing this instructor-led PHP training class, you will know how to:

  • Install the PHP interpreter and integrate it with a web server
  • Configure the php.ini file to designate debugging features, mail gateways, extensions, and more
  • Write simple PHP scripts using: variables, conditionals, loops, and HTML output
  • Create arrays and associative arrays
  • Output special characters such as quotes, dollar symbols, or backslashes
  • Create and call user-defined functions
  • Use HTML <forms> to submit data to your PHP scripts for processing
  • Send emails automatically from PHP scripts (e.g., confirmation messages)
  • Extract data from, and save data to, a MySQL database
  • Establish connections to, and retrieve data from any ODBC-compatible database, such as MS Access, SQL Server, or Oracle
  • Handle session data such as user preferences
  • Manipulate text files on your web server
  • Create data drill-downs, database search features, and login/logout systems
  • and much more! See full outline for PHP training

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PHP Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 15 student reviews.

"Excellent. I liked that the instructor was able to design the training to fit my individual needs at work. We were able to go through the material provided by AcademyX, review code I brought, and design pages that gave me insight on how to create pages at work using PHP. He also provided an introduction to javascript and MySQL helping me understand how they interact with PHP. In addition, he provided several resources for me to refer to."
- , Air Resources Board

"Very well taught. The instructor took great care to make sure everyone in the class understood each concept before moving on. Very tolerant of questions and great at explaining in different ways to be sure concepts were understood by all."
- , Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

"Fantastic instructor, training excellent."
- , PHP Fundamentals Training

"Training was very helpful and gave me a much deeper understanding of software."
- , WUSD, West Sacramento

"It is an excellent training."
- , Caltrans, Sacramento

"Excellent interactive learning experience."
- , Calvary Christian Center, Yuba City

"The class was interesting and fun. Jim did a great job giving me some tools to learn more at home."
- ,

"This class was great! I learned a ton!"
- , Carol Crenshaw Communications, Folsom

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* Note: This class description is for PHP training in Sacramento. We also offer PHP training in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.