24-evening PHP/MySQL Course Training - Sacramento

This in-depth evening course introduces students to the major elements of web development: web servers, the PHP programming language, and integration with the MySQL database. By the end of the course students will be able to create a data-driven web site with features such as bulletin boards, login/logout membership, restricted areas, session management, and master-detail drill-down pages.

Topics include:

  • Registering a domain and the intricacies of DNS (the Domain Name System)
  • Installing and configuring the free Apache web server to control multiple web sites ("virtual hosts"), set logging options, and integrate with the PHP programming language
  • Installing PHP and setting configuration options in the php.ini file
  • Writing basic PHP code: variables, input/output, conditionals, and loops
  • Handling <form> inputs using PHP
  • Sending email programmatically
  • Connecting to a database to insert, update, delete, and retrieve records
  • Creating master-detail pages
  • Managing user sessions
  • Best practices for PHP coding
  • ...and much more! See the full outline for the Apache/PHP/MySQL Training Course

24-evening PHP/MySQL Course Reviews:

Rated 4.4/5 based on 26 student reviews.

"Great class with smart, talented instructors. The hands-on coding experience was great and I feel prepared to learn and explore what we've learned on my own."
- , Wells Fargo

"Excellent. Really, really great."
- , Tierra Technology

"Very in depth."
- , BG Concepts

* Note: This class description is for the 24-evening PHP/MySQL course in Sacramento. We also offer the PHP/MySQL course in San Francisco.