Excel Training in San Diego

Microsoft Excel is a program used most often for processing calculations on data. It can be used for budgets, timesheets, financial data, calendars, lists, charts, graphs, and much more. The training is conducted by instructors with extensive real-world experience who can help you rapidly master the essentials. This class is recommended for anyone who hasn't worked with formulas or charts before or those with little or no experience with Excel. Learn the following:


Use AutoSum to add numbers and formulas to perform basic calculations: Add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers, calculate percentages, and averages. Use the Fill feature to copy formulas. Much of the class will be devoted to creating formulas.

Formatting and Editing Spreadsheets

Format text and numbers, add borders and background colors to cells. Learn the 6 most common number formats, including currency and percentages. Select, copy, move, format, and delete text and numbers. Insert and delete sheets, columns, and rows. Resize columns and rows. Sort data. Add graphics and SmartArt diagrams, rename a spreadsheet tab, change tab colors, etc.

Charts and Graphs

Create and edit a variety of different charts, including Pie, Column, and Line Charts. Change the chart type, apply Styles and Layouts options, format individual elements in a chart, etc. Create Sparkline charts (mini charts that occupy a single cell).

Working with Large Spreadsheets

Use Freeze Panes so column and/or row headings always remain visible as you scroll. Hide / unhide columns and / or rows. Learn about various printing options, including how to fit everything on one page. Make titles (column headings) print on every page. Add headers and footers, page numbers, logos, etc.

Basic Functions

Learn a few common functions:

  • Average (average a range of cells)
  • Max (display the highest number in a range of cells)
  • Min (display the lowest number in a range of cells)
  • Sum (sum or total of a range of cells)


Transpose data (switch columns and rows), fill in word, date, and number patterns, and much more.

Microsoft Excel Training Reviews:

5/5 review stars
Rated 4.8/5 based on 534 student reviews.

I didn't think I could learn that much from the intro class. Turned out I was wrong. A lot of stuff I didn't know about Excel, even in the intro class.
- Dean Scurries, Equinix

Very informative class and learned a lot about the basics of Excel. Pace wasn't too fast or slow so we were able to cover a lot of material but I was able to keep up. Learned a tremendous amount.
- Matthew Fields, Student

Amazing! The instructor was so helpful. Attentive to all the students different needs and learning styles. Really appreciate her detailed to attention and clear explanation and logic reasoning behind all the concepts.
- Sarah Horng, Carndinal Health

Excellent Class! Best trainer I've ever had, explained how to use excel which will help me at the office. Will recommend this class to my co-workers.
- Christopher Morales, State of California

Great. Really great teaching style. Very creative and free form, but thorough and detailed. I can't wait to turn in my first budget using the formulas and formatting I learned in this class. And this was only the Introduction!
- Aminta Steinbach, Be The Change Consulting

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Trainer explained instructions in a way that everyone was able to follow along and understand. I really liked the idea of the hands on experience with access to a computer and being to actually work within the program. Also to be able to see exactly what the instructor was doing on her screen and not having to look up to the front of the class was very helpful and most efficient. Overall the class was educational and great.
- Jamie Kong

She was great. She taught us tips and tricks that I personally think that it will help my daily work easy since my new job requires a lot of Excel. She answers everyone's questions and very lively in class. In other words she was very entertaining that makes the learning experience easy.
- Nicole Pacheco, California Council of the Blind

I enjoyed it very much. Very informational and she kept things lively.
- Angie Land, Marshall Medical

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* Note: This class description is for Microsoft Excel training in San Diego. We also offer Excel training in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles.