HTML Training in San Diego

HyperText Markup Language, more commonly known as HTML, represents the building blocks of the Internet. HTML documents tell your browser how text, images and controls should be displayed on a web page. Knowledge of HTML is a prerequisite for designers and developers alike. Anyone hoping to inform, persuade and connect with others by posting content to the web needs a solid grasp on this elementary markup language, whether they ultimately choose to code websites from scratch, use an assistive tool like Adobe Dreamweaver, Wordpress or Drupal, or develop software applications which deliver online content. In the course of AcademyX's HTML training in San Diego, you will learn to author clean, efficient, easy-to-update HTML code, construct an entire site of linked web pages, and upload your content to a web server. Upon completing this training, you will be prepared to:

  • Master the essentials of HTML syntax.
  • Understand the role of HTML with respect to related technologies ... CSS and JavaScript, in particular.
  • Anticipate how different web browsers will render your content online.
  • Harness the array of software applications to assist the web designer, and choose the best HTML editing tool for your needs.
  • Add metadata -- information about a web page -- into your HTML code to make your site more usable and searchable.
  • Troubleshoot errors in your HTML syntax with a minimum of frustration using the best debugging tools and techniques.
  • Control the format of text and images, using the best practices in web design.
  • Integrate special characters, page breaks and custom bullet points.
  • Create and format data tables, optimized to the display or device through which your site is viewed.
  • Incorporate images into an HTML page, adding text, borders and other information relevant to the image.
  • Create links between web pages using text or an image as the link.
  • Display "tooltips" which provide users with helpful information before they click a link.
  • Post HTML files or a finished website online, and review changes before making them permanent.
  • and many more topics... See full outline for HTML Fundamentals training.

* Note: This class description is for HTML Fundamentals training in San Diego. We also offer HTML training in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles.