InDesign Training in San Diego

Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard software application for graphic design and layout for print or web production. This InDesign Fundamentals training in San Diego will give you the practical perspective and hands-on training required to gain proficiency with InDesign's core design, typographic and publishing features. In this class, you will learn to:

  • Master the essential features of Adobe InDesign rapidly.
  • Author complex documents enhanced with sound, video and interactive controls.
  • Accelerate the editing process using InDesign's Story Editor.
  • Ensure consistency throughout an entire document library using styles and master pages.
  • Learn powerful frame threading techniques to manage the way text flows across pages.
  • Simplify the document revision process by logically grouping multiple items.
  • Employ layout management techniques and document templates to minimize repetitive effort.
  • Customize the swatches palette to make frequently-used colors, gradients and tints easily accessible.
  • Understand how object libraries and "snippets" can streamline the design process.
  • Draw on InDesign's object spacing management capabilities to circumvent reformatting problems.
  • Use vector paths to generate smooth, symmetrical paths, pictures and type from freeform drawings.
  • Control a document's typographical elements, including composition, leading, hyphenation and justification, rapidly and with precision.
  • Section long documents and rapidly build indexes for improved navigation and usability.
  • Allow InDesign to manage references and citations automatically, with auto-updating footnotes, endnotes and tables of contents.
  • and many more topics... See full outline for InDesign Fundamentals training.

Adobe InDesign Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.7/5 based on 39 student reviews.

Excellent! A wealth of information; presented well with plenty of hands on access.
- Yana Ames, Vail Cooper and Associates, Inc.

The training was extremely informative and moved at a comfortable pace. The teacher worked through the materials, but utilized the experience and needs of the students to tailor certain lessons and tips.
- Amanda Sturdevant

Instructor knows his stuff. It's a lot of information to try and take in, instructor does a solid job of explaining
- John McCormick, Bender Rosenthal, Inc.

Instructor is amazing! Keeps interest and doesn't let you get lost. Very impressed.
- Stephanie S., Win-River Resort and Casino

Solid foundation for learning the program and relevant examples, will need more time to become comfortable. It was nice to have someone show the easiest ways for creating designs.
- Alex Hall, Genomic Health

Great! A small class size allowed for open inquiring. I think a few hours of training a day was very effective.
- Erika Myszynski

Instructor is awesomely connected to her students, and knowledgeable. It is definitely a beginner course, and my employer chose the wrong level for me... the others in the class were just starting, but I knew 85% of the material. She tried to keep me engaged by trying to specialize questions for me.
- Vanessa Luke, WSP

Really great class. Instructor is incredibly knowledgeable on InDesign and is really skilled at presenting the information as well as providing context. She went more in depth than the booklet, providing the meaning behind the concepts. She was great at slowing down if needed. If any of us fell behind, she made sure we caught up without making us feel uncomfortable.
- Gina Lenhart, California Association of Public Hospitals

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* Note: This class description is for InDesign Fundamentals training in San Diego. We also offer InDesign training in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles.