jQuery Training in San Francisco


jQuery is ubiquitous, and is used and supported by independent developers and large companies alike. jQuery's slogan is "Write less, do more." jQuery facilitates more action with less code by mitigating browser incompatibilities It also provides simple interfaces for complex actions, such as Ajax and animation. jQuery is fairly simple to learn, yet doesn't sacrifice functionality. This makes it a good choice for both amateurs and experts. Staying up-to-date with the newest web technologies is essential in a fast-changing internet world. This class will provide you with a head-start, and put you ahead of the game. Upon completing this jQuery training in San Francisco, you will be able to:

  • Discover how jQuery fits in with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end web technologies.
  • Install jQuery for the first time, and discuss advantages and disadvantages of various installation methods.
  • Utilize your current knowledge of CSS selectors to select page elements with jQuery.
  • Employ jQuery-specific selectors to increase your selection capabilities.
  • Read and alter HTML elements' attributes programatically.
  • Modify elements' content, styles, height and width based on the user's actions.
  • Create new HTML elements dynamically and add them to your page.
  • Learn how to react to clicks and keystrokes from the user.
  • Show and hide page elements with various animation techniques.
  • Build your own custom visual effects to make your site unique
  • Write less code by familiarizing yourself with jQuery's utility functions.
  • Get an introduction to Ajax, and learn how jQuery simplifies client-server communication.
  • Add a date picker and build dialog boxes with jQuery's widgets.
  • Include progress bars and sliders in your website with only a few lines of code.
  • Understand these and many more topics! See the full outline for jQuery Fundamentals training
Price:  $795 for 12 hours.
In-Person Training:
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jQuery Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.7/5 based on 47 student reviews.

Fantastic! For me, jQuery was a challenging concept and subject. It is necessary to be familiar with JavaScript and deal with the language features of JQuery, I am absolutely elated and lucky to be instructed by instructor! He did an incredible job!
- Bryan Cutkelvin Hayward

The training was quite helpful and it kept in pace with the knowledge level of the attendees.
- Chandra Pujari, Nagra USA, Atlanta

Great! Very informative, good pace. Learned a lot. Nice amount of hands-on lab work.
- David Harding, Image Conscious, San Francisco

The course was easy to follow, and the instructor covered the concepts well. Useful web development tools are introduced to us and we are able to perform debugging using the console among others. It was a good use of the Learning jQuery textbook.
- Diana Widjaja, salesforce.com

The session was very informative and lots of hands on session. Really got a good grasp on JQuery fundamentals.
- Gunasekaran Pathakkam, Visa, Foster City

Great class. Good pace and the instructor providing good real-world examples of how the code works and made it easy to relate to.
- Jason Raby, Articulate Solutions, Gilroy

I was pleasantly surprised how small the class was (3 people!). This worked really well just for answering individual questions and getting through material pretty quickly. The instructor was great and explained things well without assumptions or being tedious.
- Kevin Zhang

Great Class. Just the material I wanted to cover.
- Neal Hooks, OSIsoft, LLC, San Leandro

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