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Nowadays people are experiencing web sites in very different ways on a wide variety of devices, both larger and smaller, including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. So the traditional fixed-width 960-grid layout creates problems with endless scrolling and tiny graphics when viewed on some smaller screens. The new trend is to create a responsive design: serving one HTML document providing the same content to diverse browsers and devices, while adapting the design to the constraints of the browser window or device that renders it. This expert class will help you jumpstart your own multiscreen website development. This advanced CSS course teaches responsive design with step-by-step exercises led by our leading-edge expert staff using flexible grids, fluid images and media, and CSS3 Media Queries - creating a flexible, responsive approach to designing for the web. Media Queries allow designers to target styles based on a number of different device properties, such as screen width and orientation. You will learn how to create a cross-browser responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3 Media Queries. Your bullet-proof responsive layout will automatically adjust to fit all devices. Upon completing this responsive web design training in San Francisco you will be able to:

  • Adhere to a step-by-step approach to responsive design with fluid margins, padding and borders in scaling layout grids
  • Use flexible typography with Media Query CCS3 stylesheets creating a comfortable user experience on any device size
  • Create a flexible, grid-based layout consisting of relative type sizes and flexible column widths
  • Insert flexible images and media that resize with your responsive layout
  • Fix problems with cross-browser support (especially with older versions of IE)
  • Specify the Viewport Meta Tag
  • Use fluid grid layouts to avoid annoying scrolling on small screens
  • Convert fixed pixels to relative typography with precision
  • Learn to think "Mobile First" when planning a responsive web design
  • Control layout with CSS3 Media Queries to perfectly scale layouts that adapt to any resolution or Viewport size
  • and much more... see the full class outline for Responsive Web Design Training

Responsive Web Design Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 35 student reviews.

Very Good. Really enjoyed the format. Hands on and 1 to 1 attention. Also like the student/teacher monitors at each desk. Time for conversation and still kept on task.
- , MyBuys, San Mateo

Really great. Covered a lot and gave us a great deal of resources to help after leaving.
- , Fenwick & West LLP, Mountain View

The training met our needs exactly. The instructor was competent, and amiable. We could not have asked for a better training experience. Well done.
- , Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno

Wonderful! I was absolutely enjoyed learning about Responsive Web Design. It's a very challenging and technical subject. I am very grateful for instructor's expertise! She was very knowledgeable and kind. Excellent course!

It was vey good. It really helped explain many of the concepts that apply to mobile design. It made it much clearer.
- , Digital Realty, San Francisco

A good introduction to Responsive Web Design.
- , Alameda

Very good, interactive, engaging.
- , Franklin Templeton, Dublin

Great!!!!! Instructor gave us lots of tips on how to think about responsive design and how to anticipate and strategize for our redesign.
- , Fenwick & West, Mountain View

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* Note: This class description is for our Responsive web design class in San Francisco. We also offer CSS Advanced classes in Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles.