HTML5 and CSS3 New Features Training - San Francisco

Power up your existing web design knowledge in HTML and CSS with the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 represent the cutting-edge of contemporary web technologies. With new tags for video and audio, HTML5 eliminates the need to use third-party plugins like Flash and Silverlight to embed media into the page. New structural tags like 'header' and 'footer' allow for more accessible and legible code, and the language's syntax has been simplified. Forms now include built-in validation and an auto-suggestion attribute, which make building forms and filling them out much more enjoyable and efficient for developers and web users. CSS3 has several new properties and features as well. Popular stylistic effects are easier than ever to implement. Rounded corners, drop shadows, complex gradients and resizable backgrounds all have their own properties. Transitions and animations are also easy, and no JavaScript is required! This training will also explore how to code for browsers that don't support HTML5 or CSS3. Staying at the forefront of web technologies is vital in a fast-changing internet world. Our HTML5 and CSS3 training in San Francisco will give you a jump-start, and put you ahead of the game. Upon completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Utilize your understanding of HTML5's powerful new capabilities and understand which are supported by the major web browsers.
  • Build accessible websites with new structural elements while maintaining usability in non-HTML5-compliant browsers
  • Use the new time element to define machine-readable times and dates
  • Understand how certain elements have been redefined in the new specification
  • Learn what elements are no longer relevant, and how to emulate their previous functionality with other elements
  • Use the new set of form field controls to create professional self-validating forms quickly
  • Allow users to play audio and video files without third-party applications or plugins
  • Style your pages by adding rounded corners and drop shadows to page elements
  • Use advanced color techniques including RGBA for transparency, and gradients for more sophisticated color effects
  • Build transitions and animation into pages using CSS3 instead of JavaScript
  • Use advanced CSS selectors to target exactly the right elements
  • Build pages that support older browsers while still providing advanced functionality and styling for up-to-date browsers
  • Choose any font for your next website with the @font-face rule in CSS. The days of relying on images for custom fonts are over!
  • and many more topics! See full outline for HTML5 and CSS3 training.

HTML5 and CSS3 Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 113 student reviews.

Great and lots of information! I enjoyed that he was willing to go back and look at things in depth... we learned a lot of new things but then also were able to apply them to what browsers were capable of. It's important for us to know limitations with the browsers.
- , Williams-Sonoma, San Francisco

Loved it! It was great as a total beginner to have two immersive days that were taught at a reasonable pace so I can grasp every concept. Lots of resources provided as well!
- , gyro LLC, San Francisco

Good pace, good curriculum. I like the fact that the training focused on examples that can be applied to real websites. I like the fact that the training was reasonably advanced and not too basic.

Great class! Instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. I learned more key basic concepts that opened my understanding about CSS that I never understood before.

Training was very impressive - Very interactive, instructor responded for each and every questions we had and provided lot information around the technology
- , NTT Data Americas, Fremont

Excellent training - went at a pace that was fast enough not to bore anyone more advanced but was great at slowing down and helping troubleshoot any issues. Also loved all of the tips he gave.
- , Pentaho, San Francisco

It was a solid introduction to core features of HTML 5.
- , Oracle, Redwood City

It was great. Class was on topic, moved at a good pace and was easy to follow. The instructor was knowledgeable and, more importantly, was able to explain the topics in a way that made sense and was easy to follow.

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* Note: This class description is for HTML5 and CSS3 training in San Francisco. We also offer HTML5 and CSS3 training in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose.