HTML5 and JavaScript Integration Training - San Francisco

Get the most out of your existing JavaScript skills by learning how to manipulate the new elements of HTML5. HTML5 represents an exciting family of technologies already powering some of the most dynamic web sites. New browser support for more HTML5 features will continue to make web applications both more powerful and easier to develop at the same time. HTML5 features make web sites more like full-featured applications, with capabilityies like offline storage, rich interactive graphics (without requiring any browser plugins), geolocation, drag-and-drop UIs, and background processing. Our HTML5 and JavaScript training in San Francisco covers the significant changes HTML5 brings to the world of web programming, and will prepare you to code, debug and publish web content using HTML5. Upon completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of HTML5's powerful new capabilities and learn which are supported by the major web browsers.
  • Learn how to add some HTML5 features even to browsers that don’t implement HTML5!
  • See how HTML5 is implemented for iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices.
  • Access "Geolocation APIs" to determine the real-world locations where your users are - ideal for generating location-based content.
  • Store application data offline – a secure and flexible alternative to server-side data storage.
  • Render images within a "drawable" area of the web page using the canvas tag.
  • Perform image-processing at the pixel level on areas of a web page, and get image data from videos playing in the <video> tag.
  • Learn when to create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as opposed to using the HTML5 canvas element.
  • Build rich Internet applications (RIA) with offline storage to work with or without connectivity and drag and drop functionality.
  • Easily add streaming, real-time data ("server-push") capabilities to your app with Web Sockets.
  • Utilize Web Workers to run complex tasks in the background while allowing the user to continue viewing the website.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for HTML5 and JavaScript training.

HTML5 and JavaScript Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.4/5 based on 34 student reviews.

I thought the training was incredibly in-depth, far more than I was anticipating for understanding HTML 5. It wasn't just a cookie cutter approach to the feature set, it was a chance to look under the hood and understand better how mechanics of technologies work.
- Mike Pinzuti

I found it very useful. Instructor was enthusiastic in teaching us. Even though we were all at different skill levels, we all were able to get attention at those levels if be desired too.
- Bret Petersen, Organic Inc., San Francisco

Instructor is a fantastic trainer. He uses many analogies to make the information stick. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and passion.
- Brigitte Dodson, Chevron, San Ramon

Very detailed oriented instructor with his vast knowledge covered all of JavaScript, JQuery, Junit and Video specifics to JavaScript just like a Wizard!
- Daksh Jasra, Nagra USA Inc, Atlanta

Awesome. Instructor is very patient and a thorough communicator. Fun class.
- Hilary Collins, New Harbinger, San Francisco

The class was great, teacher is very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you! Class is very well structured and teacher is very helpful.
- Julia Vcherashny, City and County of SF

Awesome! The training was fun and the knowledge I gained are very useful.
- Selina Hu, Future US, South San Francisco

I learned a lot of new things about HTML5, JS and jQuery.
- VanThang "VT" Nguyen, Nagra, Mountain View

* Note: This class description is for HTML5 and JavaScript training in San Francisco. We also offer HTML5 and JavaScript training in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Jose.