Illustrator Advanced in San Francisco

Adobe Illustrator is widely recognized by design professionals around the world for creating powerful and stunning visuals. This comprehensive program works with both raster and vector graphics to create images for print, websites, logo design, advertisments and much more. Now that the fundamentals are in place, it's time to discover the techniques used to increase efficiency and productivity. After our Illustrator Advanced training you will know how to:

  • Illustration of Color Inked & Scanned Images
  • Illustration of Black & White Designs
  • Seamless Repeating Pattern Creation
  • Logo Design Techniques
  • Creating Intricate Designs
  • Converting Images to Vector Artwork
  • Creating Designs with Typography
  • and much more! See full outline for Illustrator Advanced training
Price:  $750 for 12 hours.
In-Person Training:
        Apr 21 and 22    9am - 4pm  day - register
        Jun 18 and 19    9am - 4pm  day - register

Online Live Training:
        Apr 21 and 22    9am - 4pm  day - register
        Jun 18 and 19    9am - 4pm  day - register

Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.8/5 based on 11 student reviews.

Great training, lots of doing it yourself and down time. overall helped advance my skills, but would have wanted a few more examples.
- Jackie Lu, Benefit Cosmetics, San Francisco

Some neat tricks learned.
- Ji

Well-informed teacher, good class.
- Student

Really fun and instructive.
- Student

* Note: This class description is for Adobe Illustrator training in San Francisco. We also offer Illustrator training in Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles.