Node.js Training in San Francisco

Get the most out of your existing JavaScript skills by learning how to apply them to a server environment. JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing languages in history.

With Node JS, now developers can write both the client and the server in one language. This can often simplify projects, and means less training for new employees. Our Node JS training in San Francisco covers current best practices for building server-side applications in Node JS, and will prepare you for writing your own applications after the course. Upon completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Learn how servers process requests and send responses
  • Understand event loops, and why they're often considered better than other paradigms
  • Easily install Node and NPM on any computer, and get up and running quickly
  • Play with the Node Package Manager, and use it to install modules for use in your applications
  • Review the basics of JavaScript, including variables, functions and function scope, and name spaces
  • See how functions behave as first-class objects in JavaScript, and how closures simplify keeping track of function contexts
  • Explore various utilities, timers, and modules
  • Add event listeners to react to requests and other events
  • Learn about data streams, and how to handle, pause, and resume them
  • Respond to HTTP requests, utilizing data in the request to formulate a valid and relevant response
  • Build your examples extensibly, so you can build scalable applications later
  • and many more topics...