iPhone Programming Training - San Francisco

With more than 200 million Apple iPhones in circulation and over 1,500,000 applications available via the App Store, the iPhone has quickly become one of the most important software development platforms. AcademyX's iOS and iPhone Development training in San Francisco will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the iPhone software development kit (SDK) and associated development tools, as well as the practical experience necessary to begin developing applications which are both complex and robust, and harness the iPhone's technologically unique features, such as a built-in accelerometer and multi-touch interface. Upon completing this training, you will learn to:

  • Master the fundamentals of building, testing and publishing iPhone applications.
  • Harness powerful Xcode development tools, such as the iPhone Simulator, Interface Builder and built-in app templates.
  • Author iPhone apps faster by mastering Swift syntax, storing and managing data with "plists," and using delegates and data sources effectively.
  • Employ advanced programming techniques, such as message passing and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  • Create applications for the multitouch screen and virtual keyboard environment, which draw on Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).
  • Dynamically draw graphic elements within an iPhone window, and use animations to provide context-specific feedback.
  • Develop iPhone apps for the large organization which handle large volumes of data while maintaining optimum performance.
  • Build advanced iPhone applications with Core Data, the Managed Object Model and database integration.
  • Incorporate digital photos into iPhone apps rapidly, with a minimum of coding.
  • Determine and use geographical location and heading in mapping applications..
  • And many more topics! See full outline for iPhone Development and iOS training.

iPhone Programming Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 15 student reviews.

I feel like I learned a ton in five days! Information was very dense. I feel like I can use this knowledge to assemble basic apps pretty well. The instructor is definitely knowledgeable and experienced in this subject and used that to rocket us through lots of pro
- , Breakthrough Behavioral, Redwood City

It is a great training. The instructor has very good knowledge in the subject and he was helpful in helping students to understand the materials. The book we used in the class is a great book too.
- , MTC, Oakland

Great! Instructor guided us very well and gave great real-world instruction.
- , SF Travel

It was great training. There were great sample projects provided and we were asked to do something on our own after we had learned them.
- , Health Equity, Inc, Draper, UT

Very good class, covered a lot of topics boot-camp style and gave me a platform to continue learning.

The class was great, the teacher is amazing. His instruction was clear and the information he provided was valuable.
- , University of San Francisco

Excellent. Lots of material to cover in 1 week. Class was tailored to student's need and interest.
- , Comcast, Livermore

Having some Objective-C experience, but having no experience programming for the iPhone, it was a great intro class into creating iPhone apps. Learned a lot about how things are hooked up together.
- , AVID, Daly City

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* Note: This class description is for iPhone Development training in San Francisco. We also offer iPhone Development training in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Jose.