Drupal Training in San Francisco

The advent of Drupal has changed the way people think about web application development, as it offers a simple, straightforward means to create rich, interactive websites with functionality suitable to meet the needs of large organizations, small businesses and individuals alike. The Introduction to Drupal class at AcademyX will enable you to begin building a Drupal-powered website with interactive forums and discussion threads, managing site content through its entire life cycle, from draft to archives, and use Drupal's extensive set of themes to support your overall brand identity. Our San Francisco Drupal training will prepare you to:

  • Launch a Drupal website rapidly, with a minimum of technical expertise.
  • Author and manage an ongoing flow of content, from draft form to archived pages.
  • Gain an understanding of the way Drupal organizes content, and use that understanding to manage your site effectively.
  • Master the key techniques for managing where, when and how content will appear in a Drupal site.
  • Add community-contributed blocks and modules to your Drupal site, for increased functionality.
  • Learn the essentials of taxonomy design to create a site which is highly-usable and easily searchable.
  • Activate forums, blogs, web forms and polls in your website.
  • Swiftly moderate comments and content posted by other users.
  • Theme any number of Drupal site elements, including the footer or individual nodes and blocks.
  • Streamline site administration tasks, including data backup, troubleshooting site problems, user account requests and content moderation.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for Drupal training.

Drupal Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.8/5 based on 69 student reviews.

It was very helpful, and I feel much more comfortable using Drupal!
- Laura Lu, UCSF

Good. Very helpful. The instructor was very easy to learn from and to talk to. he was willing to go where the students wanted to go in learning the Drupal application. We pushed a bit beyond the curriculum.
- Neo, New Harbinger, Oakland

Training was fantastic. The instructor is super knowledgable and did an admirable job of parsing a very broad topic and making it easy to understand.
- Nicholas Yankosky, NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company, San Francisco

It was really great. She contributed a lot beyond what was in the book and worked at a great pace.
- Stephanie Stoner, UCSF

Terrific. Very capable. Made the learning experience dynamic and fun.
- Troy DuFrene, New Harbinger Publications

Excellent. I like the class and the instructor.
- Yong Lee, MTC, Oakland

I got a complete overview of Drupal in a informative, and interactive format. The instructor was very engaging and thorough. I would recommend this class to everyone who is considering a Drupal website.
- Christina Dort, Leisure Sports, Pleasanton

Well done. Good pace. The instructor kept the class interesting and moving along.
- Corey, NatureBridge

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