PHP Training in San Francisco

PHP is an open-source programming language that integrates easily with web servers to create web pages dynamically and store data in a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. PHP is the language powering applications such as Wordpress, SugarCRM, and Drupal.

This 3-day PHP training class in San Francisco covers installation, basic configuration, syntax, standard functions, web form data processing and it culminates in database integration.

Our PHP training will show you how to:

  • Install the PHP programming language and integrate it with Apache or IIS web servers
  • Configure the php.ini file to specify error-reporting levels, mail servers, and more
  • Implement common programming constructs in PHP: variables, conditionals, loops, input, and output
  • Implement advanced programming constructs in PHP: arrays, associative arrays, escape special characters, and define functions
  • Programmatically retrieve and process HTML <form> input data
  • Send emails programmatically from PHP scripts (e.g., registration confirmations)
  • Store and retrieve data in a MySQL database
  • Connect to, and manipulate data in any ODBC-compatible database, such as MS Access, SQL Server, or Oracle
  • Manage session data, such as with logins and shopcart data
  • Read from, and write to, text files on the server
  • Implement common web techniques such as data drill-downs, database updates, and login/logout systems
  • and much more! See full outline for PHP Training

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PHP Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 24 student reviews.

I enjoyed the course very much, instructor took the time to explain everything in great detail.
- , Cox Communications , Omaha

It was great and useful. I can't wait to make a website!

Great, it made programming fun and enjoyable.
- , ReadyTech , Oakland

This was amazing and I am so excited to go home and play around with what I just learned.
- , Bryn Howlett Web Design , Windsor

The class was very good. I learned alot and the hands on labs helped immensely.
- , Delta Dental of California , San Francisco

Very full with a lot of information. Instructor was very understanding especially since I was slower than the rest of the class.

I was very impressed at the instructor's ability to break down the concepts in the most clear and understandable fashion.
- , Kafantaris , Monterey

Instructor was fantastic, very patient, and did an excellent job explaining things in different ways (when I didn't understand the first time).
- , Williams-Sonoma Inc. , San Francisco

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* Note: This class description is for PHP training in San Francisco. We also offer PHP training in Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles.