Python Training in San Francisco

Python is a modern high-level programming language used for a wide variety of tasks: everything from system administration to web applications. Our Python training covers enough material for you to begin writing useful Python programs to manage data and perform file I/O.

By the end of the class you should be able to write your own Python programs with custom functions. Topics include:

  • Getting started with Python
  • Fundamentals of Python Programs
  • Python Functions
  • Python Sequences
  • Control Statements
  • Repetition Control Statements
  • List Processing
  • String Processing and Regex
  • Sets and Dictionaries
  • File I/O (input/output)
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Python
  • ...and much more! See the full outline for Python training

Python Course Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 44 student reviews.

It was really great, even though I was only able to be here for two days I feel like I can really understand python and expand on it without much instruction. If I ever want to learn another coding language I will definitely coming back here to take another class.
- , Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito

This was a really good class! It has helped me to get a good foundation for understanding and writing Python. The instructor explained concepts very clearly.
- , Software Engineering Institure, Pittsburg

The training class was excellent. The instructor is very knowledgeable, lots of experience and a great personality.
- , Catalina Labs, Sunnyvale

Excellent class. Instructor was exceptionally good, very patient and covered all topics of my interest. I hope to take more classes with him. Strongly recommend him.
- , Shell , Houston

Great instructor. Class was very interesting and he answered all our questions precisely. Materials are easy to understand as well.
- , Visa, Foster City

Very thorough for a Python Fundamentals class.

Great! I got everything I needed to continue learning on my own.
- , Judicial Council of California , San Francisco

Great class - instructor catered the material based on our needs and was very attentive, responsive and knowledgeable in providing answers/additional info.
- , Los Gatos

It was exactly what I was looking for. I had a good base understanding from self-learning Ruby and Python. I took Ruby earlier in the week and it led into this class
- , Richmond, VA

* Note: This class description is for Python training in San Francisco. We also offer Python training in San Jose, Sacramento, and private Python training at your offices or online.