Ruby Training in San Francisco

Ruby is as much a style of programming as it is a programming language. Ruby has gained popularity as a replacement for scripting languages (like Python and Perl) because of its object-oriented features and easy coding style. In Ruby, everything is an object - whether it is text or code - and each object can be given its own properties and actions. This simplifies the coding process, allowing you to focus on application analysis and design. Our Ruby training in San Francisco will introduce you to the syntax, constructs, and typical uses of the Ruby language. In this class you'll create a real-world contact manager application. We'll show you tips and techniques in how to:

  • Install Ruby and use command-line switches
  • Code basic applications using correct Ruby syntax
  • Set up the typical programming constructs, such as loops, conditionals, input, and output
  • Write object-oriented Ruby code using classes, methods, properties, and fields
  • Connect to a database and run SQL commands against it
  • Write reusable code using OO and Ruby best practices
  • Create menu-driven GUI apps with clickable buttons and textfields
  • and many more topics... See full outline for Ruby Programming training

Ruby Training Reviews:

Rated 4.1/5 based on 38 student reviews.

I enjoyed the class a lot; even having programming experience it wasn't too slow and it definitely covered fundamental topics, as promised.
- , Shutterstock, San Francisco

Excellent fundamental training on Ruby. Love the test-driven coding approach.

It was a decent coverage of the Ruby language. The instructor was very helpful. I like the individualized attention. I like the exercises.
- , Radical Designs, Oakland

It was well organized and very informative.
- , University of California, Oakland

Very good overall, especially given the range of skill sets in the group. The instructor definitely had command of the material, real-world experience and was a good communicator. He was also very approachable which makes learning easier.
- , Socialogue, Sonoma

The class was both entertaining and educational.
- , @Com Technology, San Francsico

I was overall very satisfied with the training. I do not come from a technical background but I was able to follow the training really and I felt that I learned a lot.
- , Telmate

I feel that I got a solid foundation of how the Ruby language is written. I am confident that I would be able to explore and learn more about Ruby on my own time.
- , Practice Fusion

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* Note: This class description is for Ruby training in San Francisco. We also offer Ruby training in Sacramento and San Jose.