SQL Server Boot Camp Training - San Francisco

AcademyX's SQL Server training in San Francisco will prepare IT professionals and database administrators to effectively maintain a Microsoft SQL Server database. Microsoft's newest version of SQL Server provides numerous new capabilities to more effectively manage information access throughout the organization, and deliver that information securely via rich applications. Your instructor brings the practical industry experience and real-world perspective necessary to apply your new knowledge and skills faster, and accomplish more with this powerful Microsoft technology. As a part of this training, you will learn to:

  • Plan your SQL Server installation strategically for a fast and problem-free rollout.
  • Utilize new features in SQL Server, including online restore operations and database snapshots, to develop a solid disaster recovery plan.
  • Audit and monitor where it matters most, given your organization's security requirements and data volume.
  • Learn to use SQL Server Agent securely, to automate tasks on schedule, on demand, or in response to an event.
  • Manage databases across the entire organization through a single interface.
  • Synchronize database contents across a distributed network using customized replication models.
  • Integrate data across server environments with the enterprise-class SQL Server Integration Services platform.
  • Implement database mirroring and failover clustering, as well as SQL Server's peer-to-peer replication model, to ensure high data availability.
  • Spot and replace invalid database content immediately using page checksums.
  • Understand the array of monitoring, auditing and debugging tools, including SQL Server Profiler and Data Definition Language (DDL) triggers.
  • Stabilize resource consumption and minimize the performance drain of CPU spikes automatically with Resource Governor.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for SQL Server training.


  • Experience with at least one other database
  • Familiarity with SQL scripting is recommended but not required

* Note: This class description is for SQL Server training in San Francisco. We also offer SQL Server training in Sacramento and San Jose.