SQL Scripting Training in San Francisco

Take your database management skills to new heights with AcademyX's SQL training course.

You already know that SQL (short for "Structured Query Language") is the database standard for accessing, inputting and manipulating data in database systems. With an easy-to-follow English-based syntax, SQL scripting gives you the power to access data in a wide variety of databases, including MS Access, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

AcademyX's SQL training in San Francisco covers everything you need to know in a compact course that covers concepts like understanding data types, using functions to perform calculations, advanced query techniques utilizing subqueries, and modifying/manipulating table data. After this class, you will know how to use SQL scripting to:

  • Quickly and easily define new tables
  • Populate those tables with your data
  • Make data maintenance a breeze with the UPDATE and WHERE commands
  • Easily remove rows from database tables
  • Retrieve data efficiently with the versatile SELECT command
  • Create SQL functions for data calculations
  • Modify and manipulate table data
  • Use indices to improve query performance
  • and much more! See full outline for SQL training

SQL Scripting Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 440 student reviews.

Quite a wonderful experience! Perfect tempo and learning style for beginners. Would recommend the class to any other student considering learning SQL.
- , Practice Fusion , San Francisco

GREAT intro class to SQL! I can't wait to go back and start using it at work.
- , Veritix , Campbell

It was a lot of information and great learning experience. I hope to apply it and come back for the refresher course to see what I have truly picked up or absorbed.

It was one of the best classes of this sort that I've had - and I'm fussy and I've been taking computer classes since the 1980s - so that's saying a lot!
- Palo Alto

Truly excellent. Instructor was diligent, patient and above all, knowledgeable. My knowledge of SQL was rudimentary at best. Within two days, the instructor had me scripting as if I had been doing it for years. I have no doubt my SQL scripting will only improve.
- , Prism Strategic Relations , San Francisco

Seriously amazing. The material, scope, pace was perfect for someone who is a complete beginner (me) as well as anyone who already has some experience with SQL. The instructor was friendly, patient, organized and knowledgable. I've taken classes fr
- , Williams-Sonoma, Inc. , San Francisco

I thought it was very helpful. The class was well-structured and proceeded in a linear fashion so that I understood the easier concepts before moving on to the more advanced ones.
- , Evolv , San Francisco, CA

It was really what I was looking for. Gave me very good fundamentals concepts on SQL
- , Commemorare , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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* Note: This class description is for SQL training in San Francisco. We also offer SQL training in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego.