Visual Studio Boot Camp Training - San Francisco

Visual Studio is Microsoft's flagship integrated development environmemt -- an application that helps you create your own software applications and web sites using Microsoft's two popular programming languages: VB.Net and C#.

By the end of our Visual Studio training in San Francisco, students will be able to:

  • Explain the most important elements of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio
  • Design, code, configure, deploy, manage state, and secure an ASP.NET Web Application
  • Make and add capabalities to a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form
  • Utilize ASP.NET Dynamic Data to manage data
  • Use LINQ to manage data access tasks
  • Add user controls and master pages
  • Debug web application made with Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Validate input from users
  • Make a Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX application
  • Employ new web development technolgies that are supported by Visual Studio 2010
  • ...and much more! See the full outline from Microsoft.


  • Experience with at least one other programming language
  • Familiarity with HTML is recommended but not required

Visual Studio Training Reviews:

Rated 4.7/5 based on 5 student reviews.

"Very knowledgeable instructor. And he can swap topic according to my need."
- , Visual Studio Training in San Francisco

"Good class. Thanks for taking the time to walk through some topics after class."
- , Genentech

"Training was excellent. The material was directly applicable to our needs. The delivery of presentation was effective."
- , Visual Studio Training in San Francisco

* Note: This class description is for Visual Studio training in San Francisco. We also offer Visual Studio training in Sacramento and San Jose.