Word Training:
In-Person or Online Live

Microsoft Word remains the most popular word processing software in the world. Our introductory MS Word training will show you the right way to use the essential features of the application. After completing the training, you'll be fluent in creating and editing documents that take advantage of Word's many powerful features. Using hands-on exercises, you will learn how to:

  • Efficiently create and edit business and informal documents
  • Manipulate text, images, charts and tables in just a few clicks
  • Distribute your work to any folder on your computer
  • Control tabs, margins, spacing and numbering
  • Revise selected content throughout a document instantly
  • Prep MS Word content for other formats and programs
  • and much more! See full outline for our intro-level MS Word training
Price:  $295 for 6 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.
Online Live Training:
        Sep 9            9am - 4pm  day - register
        Nov 9            9am - 4pm  day - register
        Dec 21           9am - 4pm  day - register

Word Intro Training Reviews:

5/5 review stars
Rated 4.9/5 based on 193 student reviews.

Very informative. I'm coming away with knowledge of Word for the first time. Finally, I feel confident!
- Andrea Kasin

It really made me comfortable in front of the computer! I learned a lot!! Loved it!!
- Estela Powers, Kezar Pub, San Francisco

Instructor was a terrific teacher. Helped to have a small class-very personalized.
- Mary Ann Munro, Ashton212, Oakland

This was a wonderful class. The instructor went through everything very thoroughly. He had us apply the knowledge and then he reviewed it with us in detail later. I learned a lot.
- Nick Cederlind, Genomic Health, Redwood City

Instructor is the best!!!! He was very informative and made it exciting, not boring. Would love to take any class he is teaching.
- Paulette Crossley, ACMC, Oakland

This was great. Hands on training is the best way to learn.
- Roxanne, City of Vallejo

I loved every minute of this class. The instructor made the class a very fun learning experience. I would like to take more classes.
- Shaland, Kaiser Permanente

Interesting, excellent teaching, very informative and the instructor was very helpful. Thank you so much. Your time is very much appreciated.
- Elzaibeth Iles

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