XSLT Fundamentals Training - San Francisco

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Building upon your knowledge of XML, this XSLT training class explores two powerful tools for enhancing the flexibility of your data: XSLT and XPath. This class is the last two days of the five-day XML training course, but it can be taken independently of the five-day package. XSLT (Extensible Style Language Transformations) transforms your XML-tagged data into various formats. You could transform, for example, your product specs into HTML pages or plain text. Imagine taking a single XML document and turning it into: EDI transactions, invoices, PDFs, RTFs, or any other text-based format. XPath is like SQL for XML. It is a query language that allows you to extract data at a particular location in an XML document. Using XPath you can calculate, filter, or limit query results. In this XSLT class in San Francisco, you will:

  • Master the concept of "transformation" and understand the related XSLT components
  • Create effective XSLT templates for transforming XML into formats such as HTML, plain text, or even a different XML format
  • Incorporate powerful XSLT functions into your templates, such as looping and sorting
  • Use XPath features to search, count, perform math operations, and more
  • Experience XSLT in action by developing an HTML table of contents from XML data
  • and much more! See full outline for our XSLT class

XSLT Fundamentals Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 113 student reviews.

"I learned a lot in the class and feel I am fluent in the language and technology and help my development work."
- , State Fund

"Good overview , Instructor went out of his way to address real-world issues unique to our enviroment."
- , FedEx Express

"Very Good. [The trainer] was very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained the topics in a clear way."
- , FedEx

* Note: This class description is for XSLT class in San Francisco. We also offer XSLT classes in Sacramento, and San Jose.