XML Training in San Francisco

Altova Education partner XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a flexible, text-based language that allows you to use custom tags to structure data so that it can be exchanged with other programs and people, regardless of the programming language or operating system they're using. Although it is not a programming language itself, XML is increasingly used with programming languages and databases in e-commerce, websites, content management applications, and more.

Our XML training series will familiarize you with the most important features of the language, so you will be comfortable creating your own tags and reading XML files. You will learn practical applications of XML, beginning with an address book and recipe collection. The XML training in San Francisco will cover how to:

  • Write XML that is syntactically and logically correct (well-formed)
  • Establish document type definitions (DTDs) that establish rules for what is considered a valid XML file
  • Use the most modern set of rules (XML Schemas) to set up the structure of complicated XML files
  • write CSS files that add color, positioning, and other formatting styles to your raw XML
  • Differentiate the same tags when used by different industries (XML namespaces)
  • Link data using XLink, the XML linking language
  • Choose between various XML APIs such as DOM and SAX
  • Work with data binding frameworks
  • and much more! See full outline for XML training

XML Training Reviews:

Rated 4.6/5 based on 11 student reviews.

"This was the best technical training class I have taken. Ever. The instructor was great. She was patient and always eager to answer questions. What a great experience!"
- , Williams-Sonoma Inc.

"The instructor was wonderful—as always!! She's so clear and concise with her teaching. She gives many examples to explain concepts, along with very helpful analogies. She pays very close attention to her students and their needs... After taking her class, I feel that I have a pretty strong foundation in XML. I'm always pretty happy and excited whenever I have a class that she is teaching because I feel that I'm sure to gain something very valuable from her."
- , XML Fundamentals Training in San Francisco

"A lot of content to cover in a short time but a great crash course. The professor was very patient and extremely helpful. He took time to focus on our concerns and made sure we grasped what we were learning. I'm thankful that my class was relatively small with 3 students. Overall I am very pleased with the training."
- , AAA

* Note: This class description is for XML training in San Francisco. We also offer XML training in Sacramento and San Jose.