CSS Training in San Jose

For years, web developers have relied upon awkward tricks and excess code to craft web page appearance using HTML alone. With the adoption of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) those days are long past, and HTML can go back to doing what it does best: organizing web page content. In your web design work, you can use CSS to set text styles, colors and even layouts for your web pages. Incorporating CSS into your site development simplifies your HTML, eases the burden of managing multi-page websites, and empowers you to create engaging, attractive page designs. This CSS training in San Jose builds upon your HTML skills and covers everything from basic text manipulation to simple page layouts. By the end of this CSS training class, you will be designing like a seasoned professional, able to:

  • Separate your HTML content from the design-controlling CSS
  • Craft both an embedded stylesheet as well as an external style guide
  • Assign colors for the various page elements
  • Manipulate font styles such italics, bold, and small-caps and select page appropriate font sizes
  • Highlight a link as a user moves their mouse over it
  • Control the amount of space between letters and words and page elements
  • Set and coordinate the web pages's background image
  • Add margins, padding and borders to various page elements
  • Ascribe properties to a single identified page element like the navigation bar
  • Alleviate common page catastrophes
  • Manage the way text wraps around image or other blocks
  • Institute a single column layout with a masthead, content area, and footer
  • Provide an alternate a print stylesheet for your web page
  • Employ different units for your screen (pixels) and print (inches) stylesheets
  • and many more topics... See full outline for CSS training

CSS Training Reviews:

Rated 4.5/5 based on 10 student reviews.

Went into details of coding. It was very quick and easy to learn.
- , Articulate Solutions, Gilroy

Great!!! Learning very much, the instructor did a wonderful job teaching us all, and showing us all how to apply it.
- , Sandia National Labs, Livermore

Great experience. It was easy to understand all basic terms and concepts about CSS for a beginner like me. The instructor was very good at answering my basic questions and applying learning content for a class project so that I can do the same thing for my
- , Cisco WebEx, Santa Clara

Excellent. I will recommend your training to co-workers and friends.
- , Los Gatos

Very informative and lot of fun
- , SiliconExpert Technologies

"The class was very informational and enjoyable. The pace was good and I enjoyed our instructor. I hope to return for advanced CSS training soon."
- , VMWare

"This was a very good class. I really enjoyed the class and I should be able to apply what I learned right away."

"I came in experienced using CSS, and I learned more."

"Instructor is absolutely amazing as a teacher. She's so well versed in HTML and CSS, has patience and is simply an awesome communicator. I plan to come back for more classes."
- , Filemaker, Santa Clara
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* Note: This class description is for CSS Fundamentals training in San Jose. We also offer CSS training in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego.