Photoshop Advanced Training - San Jose

Design professionals worldwide rely on Adobe Photoshop's unrivaled photo manipulation capabilities for optimizing graphics for delivery over the web or to consumer electronics devices, or for preparing images for a high-end commercial printer. This advanced Photoshop class in San Jose explores this application's more powerful features and techniques. Working with an Adobe-Certified Instructor will leave the course with the skills to perform color separations, image adjustments and graphics optimization for Internet graphics. In addition, you will learn to:

  • Effectively plan the graphic design project for on-time, under budget deliverables.
  • Communicate effectively with designers, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Manage colors more effectively in Photoshop by thoroughly understanding the essentials of color management.
  • Manipulate images with precision using professional Photoshop techniques.
  • Apply advanced filtering to simulate colored filters, or to sharpen or blur images.
  • Correct problems with shadows and highlighting swiftly and with confidence.
  • Adjust curves for realistic color tones and to control image contrast.
  • Understand precisely how and when to separate images into CMYK components.
  • Control the amount, radius, and threshold values to sharpen images with precision.
  • Convert images to grayscale without loosing high image contrast.
  • Use the Desktop Color Separation file format to retain both process and spot colors in an image.
  • Prepare images for both web and video use.
  • Effectively blend opaque pixels with background colors when only partial transparency is supported.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for our Photoshop class.

Photoshop Advanced Class Reviews:

Rated 5.0/5 based on 7 student reviews.

"The class was very informative and the teacher was very responsive to all the questions we had and she was very flexible with our classes needs. I would highly recommend AcademyX and this class; also the coffee was great!"
- , Cubic

"Great! The instructor really took into consideration what each person wanted to learn, as well as teach us valuable tips & tricks!"
- , Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

"Over all I thought the class was really good, informative. Karly is a great instructor. Personable, friendly and well spoken. Thumbs up."
- , Black and White Design, Inc., Campbell

"Terrific! I was surprised by the small class size and personal attention. The independent practice activities at the end of each section provided great reinforcement of what we just learned. Instructor was friendly and it was easy to ask her questions."
- ,

"Very informative learned a lot more on photoshop than I expected"
- , Cupertino

- , Debbie Schott Photography, San Jose

"The hands on with step by step was very helpful."
- , Palo Alto

* Note: This class description is for Photoshop Advanced classes in San Jose. We also offer Photoshop Advanced classes in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco.