PHP/MySQL Training in San Jose

PHP is one of the world's most popular programming languages for web development. You can write PHP scripts to dynamically generate HTML pages, process form data, and integrate with backend databases to create full-scale, dynamic web applications. This 3-day PHP/MySQL class in San Jose culminates in creating full database-integrated web applications incorporating web form inputs.

AcademyX's PHP/MySQL training class walks you through a series of step-by-step exercises that will have you proficient in PHP in just three days. Our expert instructor will show you how to:

  • How PHP, MySQL and Apacke Work Together
  • Basics
  • Form Data Capture
  • Sending Emails with Code
  • Lists and Associative Arrays
  • Retrieving Recordsets from Databases
  • Working with Sessions
  • File Input/Output
  • and much more! See full outline for PHP/MySQL training
Price:  $1195 for 18 hours.
In-Person Training:
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PHP/MySQL Training Reviews:

4.5/5 review stars
Rated 4.5/5 based on 7 student reviews.

"Good. Informative. Explored the basics and some of the intermediate material quite well."
- Nate, F-Secure

"Good introduction to PHP, materials are well organized and the instructor is knowledgeable. The instructor also has the correct temperament for teaching."
- Brad Fietsam, PHP Fundamentals Training

"As a foreign student my first impression is very positive! I am planning to take more courses this year at AcademyX."
- George van Nikkelen, EboneMedia

"This is the way I like to learn. Topics were introduced and explained using examples and then we were able to use that information to write scripts actual scripts to further illustrate the topics."
- Student, , Cupertino

"Great. Wish we had another day to learn more"
- Melissa Santos Poquiz, Hair Club Hair Transplant, San Jose

"This training session went well above and beyond my expectations. I feel that I am now able to walk away with all of the tools that I needed to get me on the road and heading in the right direction with confidence. Trainer is a top quality instructor, and I hope to take classes again from him in the near future."
- Pablo Judd, Sunnyvale

- Colin Dennis, Lord and Sons, San Jose

* Note: This class description is for PHP/MySQL training in San Jose. We also offer PHP/MySQL training in San Francisco.