PowerPoint Training in San Jose

PowerPoint is Microsoft's industry-standard software application for designing and conducting presentations in any professional context. Skill with this powerful software application is a prerequisite for those who present in virtually any capacity. Our introductory PowerPoint training in San Jose will provide you with hands-on practice developing dynamic presentations which blend text, graphics and animation effects. Your instructor brings experience to help you learn to:

  • Transition seamlessly into Office's Ribbon-style interface
  • Create, duplicate, and delete a new or existing slideshow
  • Customize fill and outline colors for all objects, images, and WordArt
  • Compress or link to source images in order to reduce overall presentation file size
  • Access real-time style preview for tables, charts, and diagrams and more
  • Add unique animated transitions between slides
  • Fix typing mistakes without hitting that backspace key in AutoCorrect mode
  • Specify the run-time settings of your presentation
  • Generate separate speaker and audience handouts
  • and much more! See full outline for PowerPoint training

PowerPoint Training Reviews:

Rated 4.9/5 based on 87 student reviews.

Great introroduction to PowerPoint. Instructor was knowledgeable and I enjoyed him as an instructor.

Loved it. Absolutely terrific and immediately relevant to my work needs.

I enjoyed the class and learned a lot of basics on PowerPoint which I did not know.

I was super excited and instructor delivered exactly what I needed in the training! I can't wait to implement everything i've learned to a new presentation!
- , Sunpower Corp, San Jose

Awesome!!! Excellent!! Easy to follow!!!
- , Intuit, Menlo Park

The training was great. There was alot of shortcuts that the instructor showed us that is going to cut down on taking so much time in doing various projects.

Our class was small so the session went smoothly and quickly. We were able to take on other topics not part of the book which was a bonus and helpful.
- , Ericsson

I learned a lot, I especially liked the outline feature. Instructor is a very patient teacher.

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* Note: This class description is for Microsoft Powerpoint training in San Jose. We also offer Powerpoint training in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco.