Python Training:
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Learn to code with AcademyX's Python training. We offer a Python Fundamentals course for those who are just getting started and an advanced course for those who are already versed in Python. Both our introductory Python and advanced Python classes are offered online with a live instructor.


Python Fundamentals

Get started with Python programming: getting comfortable with the interpreter, writing code with variables, loops, and more

  • History and Purpose of Python
  • The Python Interpreter
  • Variables, Conditionals and Loops
  • Data Structures
  • Modules
  • File I/O
  • Error Handling
  • Classes and Object Oriented Concepts
  • The Standard Library
  • GUI App Development
  • Database Connectivity
  • ...and much more! See the full outline for Python training.
Price:  $1800 for 18 hours.
In-Person Training:
        No classes scheduled. Get a quote for private training.
Online Live Training:
        May 29 to 31     9am - 4pm  day - register

Python Training Reviews:

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Rated 4.6/5 based on 362 student reviews.

I really enjoyed the class. It was a good concise introduction to the language and I feel like I've got a good base from which to expand.
- Carlos Montano, Sausalito

I appreciated the holistic introduction to Python and came away with a solid foundation to start using the language for my needs: data analysis.
- Nathan Mass, Samba TV, San Francisco

Super awesome. Teacher is whipsmart and his depth and breadth of knowledge is awe inspiring. I felt challenged by this class while also able to process all the information at my learning pace. I feel my level of knowledge in the last three days has infinitely increased. I think that was possibly the best learning experience I have ever encountered. Instructor was able to blend high level computer knowledge with the ability to break down concepts into bite size
- Sarah Grimes, Hitshop Growth Marketing, San Francisco

Small class size helped quite a bit.
- William Blevins, San Francisco

Great, well organized, responsive to students, clear voice, and fun. Also, very knowledgeable.
- Ismael Sandoval, Year Up, San Jose

Great hands-on training. Instructor was knowledgeable.
- Hemin Patel Bleacher Reports, San Francisco

- Vinod Balagopalan, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco

- Jay Hagedom, Los Gatos