Ruby on Rails Training - San Jose

Ruby on Rails is a framework that speeds up the web development process by letting you assemble programs from objects. In describing an object's model, giving it a view, and defining its actions, Rails generates the program for you dynamically. Using Ruby on Rails, you can quickly create shopping carts, include AJAX support, add web services, maintain a secure site, and more. This 3-day Ruby on Rails training can be combined with the 2-day Ruby class as a 5-day Ruby on Rails Boot Camp. Our three days of instructor-led Ruby on Rails training walks you through the framework and introduces you to the Model, View, Controller (MVC) architecture. You will gain confidence as you see how quickly this arrangement lets you create powerful features with just a few lines of code. Then you will be presented with real-world examples and class exercises that reinforce your skills. By the end of this Ruby on Rails training in San Jose, you will know how to:

  • Download, install and run Ruby on Rails
  • Work within the MVC model of programming
  • Create AJAX interactions
  • Connect to SQL databases and manage data
  • Publish Web services and generate RSS feeds
  • Develop a complete shopping-cart application
  • Include SSL support to enhance security
  • and much more! See full outline for Ruby on Rails training

Ruby on Rails Training Reviews:

Rated 4.3/5 based on 13 student reviews.

"Wonderful, very effective teaching environment."
- , Mills

"[The instructor] was great, friendly and taught at an appropriate pace for the whole class. She was excellent in the way she explained things, normally difficult points were more easily understood because of her teaching style."
- , Ruby on Rails Training

* Note: This class description is for Ruby on Rails training in San Jose. We also offer Ruby on Rails in Sacramento and San Francisco.