Tableau Advanced Training in San Jose

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AcademyX's Tableau Advanced training class is ideal for Tableau users who are already familiar with basic concepts, i.e., the creation of calculated fields, chart options and connecting to data, including extracts. At the completion of this advanced course, you will be familiar with LOD (Level of Detail) expresions, finding meaningful clusters in your data, creating dashboards for different devices, creating territories on a map, geo-coding map data updates, and much more.

  • Analytic lessons with Moving Averages, Dynamic Measures, Multiple Data Sources, Pareto Charts, and more.
  • Advanced content covering Extracts In-depth, Parameters with Case Statements, DateDiff Mapping, and more.
  • Building Dashboards with multiple visuals, Hightlights, Containers, and KPIs.
  • Create compelling, interactive, and data-driven stories with Story Points.
  • Bonus charts include Water Fall Chart and Advanced Sets.
  • and much more! See full outline for Tableau Advanced training
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* Note: This class description is for Tableau Advanced classes in San Jose. We also offer Tableau Advanced classes in San Francisco and Sacramento.